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    Welcome to the PSGiConnect forum!

    Here is the documentation for the forum, which you can refer anytime if you are using the forum:


    If you have not yet registered for the main website(i.e. if you don't have a membership number yet), go to this link and get a membership in our main website. It is through this membership can you access the forum and the other parts of the website.


    To register for the forum , please click on the register button on the navigation bar, enter the details along with the membership number, which you can see from the profile page of your PSG iConnect membership.


    After that, your registration request will be sent to the administrator, once accepted, you will receive an E-mail and then you can login.


    Explore your navigation bar. You can view the recent posts, unread posts, popular posts, all the users in the system, and the groups.



    In this forum, every discussion is called a topic(it is the first post in every discussion) and in that particular discussion you can mainly
    • reply to any post in the discussion
    • watch that particular topic (i.e. get notifications whenever there is a new post in the topic)
    • upvote/downvote a post in a topic
    • mark it as unread
    • share the post on facebook
    • mention someone in your post and ask them a question specifically(it sends a notification to them)
    and a lot more(refer a sample post for more options).

    As a user, you can create a new topic from the main page, and ask the topic as a question(see the down arrow near the Submit button) or just start the topic as a discussion. For every topic you create, you will be the administrator for the particular topic, meaning that you can
    • delete the topic completely
    • delete posts in the topic
    • mark the topic as a solved topic and mark the answer by clicking on the specific post in the topic and marking it as the answer
    and much more.
    Apart from you, the administrator and the global moderators can do the above operations.


    While posting a new topic, you can put some tags(the textbox is available at the bottom of a page). By doing so, we are relating that topic to one/more fields and thus if a person is an expert in a particular field, he could just go to TAGS in the Navigation Bar(5th icon) and view all the topics having the particular tag.


    By clicking on the your profile photo in the top right page, you will see a few coloured dots, edit profile button and settings button.

    In your profile, you can add a profile picture(display picture) and a cover picture. In addition to this, you can add your name and bio.

    You can set your current state(available/do not disturb etc.) from the menu. This will be shown to all other users, when they visit your profile page.


    In the settings page, you can customize the settings based on your liking. Some of the few options are given here. You can :
    • Change your preferences to receive notification/email/both for when someone upvotes your post/you receive a chat message etc. Check out your settings page for more.
    • Select a skin to change the layout of the forum
    • Change the language
    • Subscribe to the digest
    • Configure sounds for your profile


    A user can follow any other user, and by following, you will receive immediate notifications whenever the user whom we follow posts in a topic.
    As a user, you can also chat with any user just like a normal chat.


    The groups feature in the forum enables to group users and easily view the topics/posts by the users in the specific group.

    To join a group in which someone else is the administrator, you can click Join Group. If the group is a public group, you will be a member of the group immediately. If it is a private group, once your join request is accepted by the group administrator, you will be a member of the group.

    You can also create a group by yourself, add people into the group, make people administrators, add a cover photo, make it a public group, and much more.

    Being a member of a group is just a way to easily see the posts of all the members in the group in one page.


    The reputation system is a rating of a user, which is directly the number of upvotes minus the number of downvotes received in all the posts by the user.


    If you experience problems in the forum or you want support, you can email us at
    You can also start a chat with a user called admin in the forum. Please start a chat only if the matter is urgent.


    By giving you an account in the forum, we expect it to use it in the proper way. Posting inappropriate posts or creating unwanted groups will lead to ban of the user from the forum.

    Hope you find the forum useful.

    Team PSGiConnect.

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